MindTerm for FTP to SFTP Bridge

If you’re like me, you have a Windows desktop, but control a number of Linux servers. For Windows IDEs that have FTP, but not SFTP. For any that this helps, I have found a way to use SFTP with PSPAD (or any IDE that has FTP support, but not SFTP support), it’s great if you have only one linux server:


Download and install MindTerm, it’s a free SSH client that has a FTP to SFTP bridge option. You login to your linux server via SSH, then enable the FTP to SFTP bridge. It makes your desktop listen on port 21 (FTP), you then configure PSPAD to connect to the FTP server at localhost and presto, you can open and edit files on your linux server with PSPAD.

This is still combersome for me, because I have several linux servers and I frequently need to switch between them, so setting up all the bridge connections is overhead that I want to avoid. But, it’s all I have right now. I find myself using VIM most of the time.

If you want to spend a few dollars, try http://www.sftpdrive.com/ I haven’t used it myself – but thinking about trying this one out.

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  1. I’ve been using Eclipse, the Zend PDT version, for my PHP development lately. My mode of operation has been local development, commit and push to GIT. I still struggle with this development model because because I’m developing PHP to deploy on Linux servers on Windows. I’m still in search of the perfect development environment for this. Right now what I do is write the code on Windows 7 desktop with Eclipse PDT, test and debug, and when I’m ready to try it on my target Linux dev server, I push to remote GIT, then pull and run. When it doesn’t work right on the Linux dev server, it pains me, b/c I don’t have a way currently to run the debugger from Eclipse against the dev server. I don’t write a lot of code these days, but have recently started a new project and have gotten back to it. I’ve had PHP Debugger running on linux servers before. Back then, it was riddled with complication. What’s the defacto PHP debugger for Linux servers when desktop is Windows these days?

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