Video Encoding for Dummies

I have a set of .wmv files, about 12 totaling about 8 hours, that were made with Microsoft Windows Media Encoder in “Capture Screen” mode. This uses a proprietary Microsoft codec called MSS2. It’s optimized for screen capture and does a really good job with compression and displays in high quality on Windows Media Player. … Read moreVideo Encoding for Dummies

Putting a Facebook share link on your site

Putting this up as an example of how to do a share link. It’s a share link to (my kids take Karate here – Great program!)   Share   The code for this is:   You can put this code on your site and let your visitors share the Goshin Karate introductory special with … Read morePutting a Facebook share link on your site

BP Events bp-events invites broken, workaround

bp-events version 1.1 on top of buddypress 1.1.3 isn’t working for invites, it’s broken. After hours and hours of combing the web looking for a solution, I couldn’t find one. I figured out a workaround.

There were several other places online that I found other complain about this same problem. As far as I can tell, nobody has published any solution or workaround. Until now. I have a workaround – more like a hack, but it works!

I don’t know the WordPress/BuddyPress framework, but I’m pretty skilled at PHP, and can debug by following the HTTP request, and walk through the codebase. I used tcpflow to watch the HTTP requests and responses, and walked the codebase by dropping print lines in appropriate places to see how the request traversed the code.

Here’s what I found out. When bp-events gets to the “Send Invites” section, when you check a checkbox of a friend, it invokes an AJAX call, via JavaScript, to wp-load.php. Well, what it sends to the server is action=groups_invite_user, friend_id=. Everything else is hogwash. There is nothing in the request to tell you what event it’s for!

Ok, so the reason for this is that bp-events uses the same api as bp groups. It borrows from bp groups to draw your “Select Friends” widget. I have not found the real root cause. What it’s supposed to do is send an action=events_invite_user and should also send the event_id, I speculate. I haven’t been able to figure out how to craft an HTTP request to wp-load.php that will perform the intended behavior. I do, however, have a workaround that fixes the problem. Keep reading if you want a workaround hack that fixes this problem.

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