Pingdom Site Uptime and Performance Monitoring, now RUM is getting really good at their trade. For uptime and response time monitoring, Pingdom is a quick win for any size website. Does a great job, and Pingdom has racked up some big name customers, touted on their home page, like Microsoft, Dell, Disney, Google, Apple and many more. Everyone is using Pingdom, they have an easy to learn API so everything can be automated, the pricing is a great value, from 1 site to hundreds of sites. My only complaint is the lack of beacon out alerting. Email, SMS, Twitter, iOS, Android are adequate for a small shop with just a few folks on call, but what about the bigger shops? How about integration into Pager Duty? Pager Duty’s article explains how to do it, but it’s email based, which makes me cringe. That’s great that Page Duty has found a way to make it work, but I’d like to see Pingdom make a reverse API option, where they’ll call our API to relay the alert.

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